Our history

We are an egalitarian community that lives as ecologically as possible with and on the land. Legally we are an agricultural cooperative. Our beginnings go back to 1975, where some of us lived and worked together on a farm in Lower Bavaria, the Barhof, until 1982.

Utopiaggia was the result of a long search by an extended group of around 30 adults who found in 1981 the ideal place in the Umbrian hills in Central Italy. The group started to assemble in May of 1982. Many of the founding members came from the 1960s movement. Today, 17 adults and two adolescents are living in four houses on 94 hectares  (230 acres) of hilly land. A flock of 120 sheep forms the basis for cheese production for self-sufficiency and for sale. 200 of the 400 olive trees on our land are cultivated and we are slowly bringing ever more back into production. Most of the oil we consume until now ourselves. Other activities include gardening, dyeing textiles with natural colours and pottery. We mainly earn our monetary income in the service sector and as artisans outside the community. After many decades we have stopped receiving visitors with a generic interest in communitarian life, but we welcome people who want to live and work with us for a while or who want to do an internship and possibly might become new members.