Europe and worldwide

Photo of Peter H from Pixabay

The contemporary communal movement is worldwide. A look into the "Communities Directory" and the world map on their website shows the large number of communities that span the globe. You can find more information on the following websites:

• The website of the “Fellowship of Intentional Communities”, with an extensive directory of international communities around the world including an entry on Utopiaggia -
•    “Eurotopia” -
•    “Diggers and Dreamers” - intentional communities in the UK -
•    Radical Routes is a network of radical co-ops whose members feel part of a movement for positive social change.
•    The history of the British community movement from 1325 to 1945, originally a book, now a fascinating website for those interested in history -
•    “C.A.L.L. - Communities At Large Letter ”. Journal of the International Communes Desk in Israel.